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Contamination of water-bodies is a major concern in today’s era. The biological wealth of a water body is mainly dependent on its water quality and it is of major issue of concern to mankind toady. Decrease in water quality (unfit for human consumption) is also attributed to the fact that today most water bodies are been loaded with toxic material and chemicals, human and industrial waste, organic matter, and religious rituals of Idol immersions. The under mentioned research work is mainly concerned about the water quality assessment to evaluate the qualitative nature and quantitative extent of pollution in water body during Pre-immersion, immersion, and post-immersion
of idols in festivals season. Water samples were collected from three sites in Jodhpur city and were analyzed for various water quality parameters such as pH, total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolve solids (TDS), total solids (TS), turbidity, conductivity, hardness, dissolved oxygen (OD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) following standard methodsi. It was observed that the values of these parameters significantly increased during the immersion period and then declined slowly in the postimmersion period due to self purification mechanism of water body. With growing magnitude of these religious activities, pollution load  is bound to increase manifold. Generating awareness among the people and society about reducing pollution due to festival waste will
help in conserving ecosystem of these water bodies.

Physico-chemical Characteristics; Water bodies; Pollutants
Idol Immersion
Water Quality Assessment
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