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This small pilot research examines perceptions about key success factors among Iranian firms which export barberry a fruit grown
in KhorasanJonobi (South Khorasan). We contrast two sets of marketing elements, marketing actions the firm takes, mostly
oriented toward product and marketing communications, and foreign market experience and knowledge. In addition, firms
assessed the role of various forms of government support. A total of 35 firms returned questionnaires.
On average, most items rated fairly high (around 4 on a 1-5 scale), but the firms cluster into three distinct groups distinguished by
high, medium, or low ratings across most of the elements on the questionnaire. Within the levels, however, there are strong
differences in exactly what factors are considered most or least important. We name the groups high expertise (based on their use
of marketing elements), medium expertise, and low expertise. The use of marketing professionals ranked first in the ‘high
expertise’ group, and government support ranked last. In the ‘low expertise’ group, these two were reversed – government
support ranked as most important while the use of marketing professionals was considered least important.

barberry export
success factors
marketing factors
government support
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