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Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antisalmonella activity of the aqueous and 70% ethanol extract of ten (10) Ivorian
plants used in traditional medicine to cure infectious diseases against two (2) clinical multi-drug resistant strains of Salmonella typhiand
Salmonella typhimurium.
Methods: The antimicrobial parameters (Minimal inhibitory Concentration MIC and Minimal Bactericidal Concentration MBC) were
determined by the broth dilutionmethod and the diameters of inhibition zone were determined by agar disc diffusion method.
Results: The aqueous extract of Thonningia sanguineand 70% ethanol extract of Abrusprecatorius had the same and the best MIC and
MBC values respectively 5mg/ml and 10mg/ml for the multi drug resistantstrains of Salmonella tested.Moreover, the inhibition diameters
indicate that the aqueous extract of Thonningia sanguine showed the best significant activity against the multi-drug resistant strain of
Salmonella.typhimurium (11± 0, 57).
Conclusion: The aqueous extract of Thonningiasanguinea and 70% ethanol extract of Abrusprecatorius can provide an alternative
therapy for the treatment of salmonellosis generated by multi drug resistant strains.

Minimal Inhibitory Concentration
Minimal Bactericidal Concentration
antimicrobial activity
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