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Objective: The aim of this study is to analyze the outcome of surgical clipping of the  ruptured  cerebral aneurysms with emphasis on the prognostic factors  affecting this outcome.

Methods: This is a study of cerebral aneurysm cases admitted in  Osmania General  hospital, Hyderabad from January 2010 - Dec 2011. Aneurysms were classified by location and size. Clinical condition was graded  on admission according to classification ofs the World Federation  of Neurological Surgeons (WFNS) grading. Outcomes were evaluated at discharge using the. Glassgow Outcome scale with overall rates of mortality, procedural complication and morbidity.

Result : 44 patients underwent clipping for cerebral aneurysms over the period of 2 yrs in dept of  neurosurgery Osmania gen hospital. Age  ranged from  25 to 70 years  . Two thirds of patients were females.Day of ictus at time of surgery ranged from 4 to 12day .Anterior circulation aneurysms were operated in maximum number with preponderance of A com aneurysm .Two thirds of patient were admitted in WFNS good grades. 13 patients expired post operatively who were in poor grades at time of admission.

Conclusion:.Outcomes influenced by factors like age, poor grade cannot be modified but the outcomes is also influenced by modifiable factors like vasospasm, infections, metabolic causes which are preventable and can be corrected to improve the patient outcome.

Cerebral aneurysm
surgical clipping
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