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The quality control involved utilising various methods of frozenram semen and optimising the cryopreservation technology, which are both very important tasks.  The experiments were carried out using light microscopy and CTC fluorescent staining on the various stages of ram semen samples preparing for cryopreservation procedure, thawing and incubating (at 39 ºC, 2 hours) in the various compositions of solution with and without decapacitation factors. These three types of tests gave the results, which allows for the determination of the suitability of the semen for insemination. Experience has shown that variety rams for used for propagating deep-freezing semen samples are very different. The results demonstrated the necessity of using decapacitation factors. In our study the results of controlling at different stages of freezing and thawing (i.e. decapacitation process) and incubation experiments were analysed, and compared with the results, that have already been published in this field.

cryopreserved ram semen
CTC fluorescent staining
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