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Rhyzopertha dominica (F) is primary pest of stored cereals especially wheat under tropical conditions.
The extent of physical damages caused by R. dominica to three common Pakistani wheat varieties was studied. The
varieties involved were Sehar -2006, Inqalab-91 and Shafaq. There was recorded significant production of frass
material and weight loss in all tested varieties after pest infestation, adversely affecting the quantity of wheat. There
was also recorded significant increase in population of R. dominica in the inoculated substrates. The highest level of
cereal degradation was recorded for Inqalab-91 followed by Sehar-2006 and Shafaq. It is suggested that Shafaq
could be used for long term storage purposes and breeding programs due to its relative resistance against R.
dominica. The results of present studies are likely to be helpful for stake holders and go downs owners in making
effective management decisions to control R. dominica thus contributing in sustainable wheat supply.

Rhyzopertha dominica
R. dominica
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