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Himachal Pradesh, India, in August 2013, with a history of significant weight loss, loss of appetite and dysphagia for past three months. b She was, a diagnosed case of immune surveillance since 2010 with initial CD4 count of 50, on ART ( Tenofovir, Lamivudine and Nevirapine) with no history of opportunistic infections and poor drug compliance .
She had a BMI of 16 Kg/m2 , oral candidiasis with anterior faucial pillar perforation(Fig1). Scappings stained with PAS confirmed
candidiasis (Fig2).Candida was also grown on agar(Fig3). CD4 count was 6. She was restarted on ART , septan and fluconazole. Blood sample sent for ART resistance.

oral candidiasis
Himachal Pradesh
Scappings stained
Blood sample.
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