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Adolescence is perceived as one of the healthy periods in the life.  They are fascinated by new tastes and have faulty eating habits along with physical inactivity which may lead to overweight.  The present investigation is undertaken to assess the knowledge on overweight among overweight adolescent girls.  The study was conducted on 200 overweight adolescent girls aged 17-20 years using random sampling method.  A schedule was developed to get information on causes, health hazards, and prevention and management of overweight.  Results showed that the obtained scores of overweight adolescent girls on causes and hazards were 4.21 and prevention and management were 16.3.  Each item was further analyzed to identify the items for which the majority of adolescent girls gave incorrect responses.  This study showed the poor knowledge of adolescent girls on overweight.  Hence adolescent girls need much more awareness regarding weight management for healthy living.

adolescent girls
weight gain
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