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Four Bangladeshi medicinal plants Withania somnifera, Terminalia arjuna, Moringa olifera and Asparagus racemosus have been
investigated for their in vitro thrombolytic and membrane stabilizing. Among the four plants, the methanol extract of W. somnifera
exhibited highest thrombolytic activity with clot lysis value of 36.50%. Standard streptokinase and water were used as positive and
negative control which demonstrated 66.77% and 2.35% lysis of clot of human blood. The membrane stabilizing activity was assessed  by using hypotonic solution and heat-induced methods and was compared with acetyl salicylic acid as standard drug.

Withania somnifera
Terminalia arjuna
Moringa olifera
Asparagus racemosus Membrane stabilizing
thrombolytic activity.
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