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Calophyllumantillanum is an evergreen, medium-sized tropical tree in the Calophyllaceaefamily. It is also known as Antilles calophyllum; Alexandrian laurel; Galba; Santa Maria; mast wood, beauty leaf, West Indian laurel. Neuromodulator activity was tested with CalophyllumAntillanum root water extract. In this study CalophyllumAntillanum root water extract clearly impacts on Hormone releasing up to day-3. Amylin, Gastrin, Calcitonin, Cortisosterone, Cortisol harmones percentage are clearly increasing in blood day-1 to day-3. According to research report the CalophyllumAntillanum primary metabolites, secondary metabolites showing impact on Pancreas, Kidneys, Heart, Adrenal glands, Gonads, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus. Its causes increase of hormones levels in blood. The CalophyllumAntillanum is very useful to cure so many Neuro problems.

Neuromodulator activity
phytochemical screening.
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