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The aim of our work is to appreciate the extent of this public health problem in the health region of Agnéby-Tiassa-Mé through routine surveillance on the national reporting platform (magpi) during the year 2016.
It is a descriptive retrospective cross-sectional study of maternal death reporting and review data in the 6 health districts of the Region in 2016. In addition, using questionnaires called "maternal death notification form in the middle" hospital "and" maternal death notice at community level ", these data were collected from women of reproductive age in the region. These are women in pregnancy or postpartum who were received in health facilities or in the community at the health region level during the period. Data collection was from January 2016 to December 2016.  
The following results were reported: 68 maternal deaths reported in the health region, 53% of deaths in the administrative region of Mé and 47% in Agneby-Tiassa. Maternal deaths reported in the health region in 2016 represent 5.25% of cases nationally. The average notification period at the regional level is 10 days with a variation from 0 to 115 days.

The age groups most affected are those between 20-29 years old (30%) and 30-38 years old (23%); 41% of deaths occurred in the immediate postpartum followed by the period of pregnancy with 33%; 90% of maternal deaths occurred within the facility; hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal deaths reported in the region (34%) followed by anemia (13%); Half of the maternal deaths occurred between  6 pm and 7 am in the morning corresponding to the guard period in the structures (49%); 29% of children are born alive.

Reviews of all deaths should be systematic in the region according to national guidelines so that all determinants of maternal deaths can be better understood. Efforts still need to be made to improve the situation and achieve the goal of safer motherhood.

Maternal death; health region; situational analysis; maternal health; Agnéby-Tiassa-Mé; Côte d’Ivoire
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