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Some new benzodiazepines of chloro quinoline (2-(2-chloro-6-flouroquinoline-3yl)-1H-1,5-Benzodiazepine) have been synthesized
and their characterization was done by elemental analysis, IR, NMR and mass spectral data. The solubility data of benzodiazepines
derivatives are useful in pharmaceutical industry. Thus, the solubility of synthesized benzodiazepines have been studied in N, N
dimethyl formamide and tetra hydro furan by gravimetrical method from (308.15 to 328.15) K under atmospheric pressure and the
solubility data were correlated against temperature. The solubility is found to be greater in DMF than in THF. Further, with increase in
temperature, solubility increases in both the solvents.

chloro quinoline
gravimetrical method
hydro furan.
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