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 The purpose of this study is to examine the band structure and optical properties of a photonic crystal slab of Carbon nanowires and Carbon nancones in a triangular lattice.The photonic band structure and the band gap map have beencalculated against the radius in TE and TM modes with the PWE method. Results show that the photonic band structure depends strongly on the radius of nanowires. In both polarizations, as the radius increases, the energy bands close together and become positioned in a narrower frequency region. The photonic band gaps also vary with the radius of nanowire. It has been shown that by designing the photonic crystal structure and changing the geometrical parameters, one can control the electromagnetic wave propagation in selected frequency regions and spatial directions. When the Gap map was developed for the honeycomb lattice in terms of the increased radius of Carbon Nanowires, the complete Gap was observed at radius 0.25a and ωa/2πc 0.9. 

Photonic Crystal Slab
Band Structure
Photonic Band Gap
Carbon Nanowires
Carbon Nanocone